Have you heard

The Health Industry has been long over due for a revolution! There seems to be such a disconnect between Health and Wellness professionals and actual progress with your health. Bridging this gap and paving new roads in the industry are Health Coaches. While Health coaches certainly don't take over the need for primary care they do add a level of value otherwise missing from your health care. Look around this website to find out more about how a health coach can work with you to achieve optimal wellness. 

Health Coaching

Tired of feeling overwhelmed, and sluggish at work? Your sleep could probably use some improvement right? How about your diet? It's okay if you've just realized these area's of your life could use major improvements, you're definitely not alone! As a health coach I was trained to help you bring attention to these areas and many others and work with you to create attainable goals to reach that state of holistic wellness everyone deserves to live within!   

Did you know

Did you know that the average human body is estimated to be about 60-70 percent water? Adults may have a decrease to 57-60% as they age, where as in babies the percentage may be as high as 75%. Since we continuously lose water through urination, our skin through perspiration or sweat, even through the process of breathing, it’s critical we replace this important essential nutrient regularly each day. 

You should start your day first thing in the morning – before anything else, especially coffee - with a large glass of fresh water  to rehydrate your body and your brain after your night’s fast. You’ll be surprised how awake you feel when your brain gets watered! Continue to drink water regularly throughout the day.  

What we eat matters

We’ve been told to eat low-fat, nutrient-deficient foods and then we wonder why we’re always hungry and can’t lose weight.  We think it’s our fault!  We’ve been following bad advice for too long. 

What if we changed our focus to eating healthier with whole foods? What if we changed our focus to GETTING healthier rather than being focused on losing weight? What if we focused on NOURISHING our body and giving it what it needs to thrive?

I believe the biggest difference would be that you will lose the weight as part of a lifestyle shift, not just because you went on yet another diet that you can’t maintain indefinitely.  The end result will be better because you will have improved your health in the process!   Now THAT is truly priceless!    

Special Offer

Thinking about adding a health coach to your life? Not to sure about the price? Maybe finances are tight right now, or you just aren't too sure if its worth the price. That's okay because I'm willing to take $100 off the total price of the 6 month program. That’s right $100 bringing the total price to $770. Thats $32 per week. Quick give me a call! Offer only applies to first 5 people who claim it!